Hi! I’m Kasi.

I created The Peahen to bring truth-telling and intellect back to fashion.

In the 80’s, fashion journalism started to decline as brands and marketers steered the conversation and took control of content. This seemingly innocuous trend led to a fashion media industry where advertisements dominate our pages and screens. Instead of feature writing, we get flat advertorials. Instead of designers on covers, we get celebrities on film junkets. I want to change this reality.

Through my writing, I investigate, critique and add meaningful reflection to the fashion conversation – giving the industry back the intellect it deserves. I also strive to bring ethical fashion to the attention of the mainstream consumer by raising awareness for brands that don’t compromise on style.

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Why Ethical Fashion?

Because I burnt out on the extreme highs and lows of luxury and fast-fashion.

I worked in luxury fashion marketing for a brief stint, but when in came to my own clothes I was buying frequently, cheaply and for one purpose – to be on trend. Eventually, I got curious and started poking holes in the industry and questioning my shopping habits. This led me down a path of discovery. Instant gratification and luxury trends felt good in the moment, but they were harming the earth and the people who made them.

I realized change was necessary and got on board with advocacy – bar none.  But there was one problem: I couldn’t find any ethical fashion I wanted to wear.Disappointed with the alternative options and the bad reputation of granola fashion, I made it my mission to make wearable, ethical fashion a reality.

‘Ethical fashion’ is a bucket term that can be interpreted many ways. For purposes of clarity, I focus mainly on brands that honor sustainability, rigorous supply chain management, transparency and quality craftsmanship. I also explore factors like human rights, fair trade, ethical animal treatment and veganism.

I investigate topics that aren’t covered in conventional magazines to help you become a more astute consumer.  I also have an eye for design and will cover style with an ethical angle. Reading The Peahen will turn you from fashion victim to fashion critic. You’ll be able to poke holes in unethical marketing and greenwashing and be in tune with the leading ethical brands.

If you’re a brand, publication or individual that shares these values, The Peahen could be your platform for growth. In addition to coverage here, I also offer freelance writing and styling services.

Contact me for details.

What is a Peahen?

A Peahen is a name for a female peacock. ‘Peafowl,’ the official name for peacocks and peahens, flip traditional gender roles on their head. When you think of Peafowl, an image of the male probably pops into your head first. With that distinctive display of feathers, why wouldn’t it? These feathers work to the peacock’s advantage, helping him attract the more subtle peahen – who is brown like the earth. He does the courting, she does the choosing.

There is so much power in this gender role reversal. The peahen gets to set her own path. Where a Peacocks flaunts, a peahen considers.

Why is this relevant? Because I see the same parallel in fashion. Where a mainstream consumer follows trends, a conscious consumer asks questions. But questioning what you buy doesn’t mean you have to give up fashion entirely. It just means buying in a more informed way.

Fashion is a $1.2 trillion global industry and, until recently, we’ve struggled to anchor it in deeper meaning. The entire process – designing, manufacturing, shopping, styling, dressing – should be celebrated as a form of self-expression. But as modern consumers, we’re also evolving to demand more from our fashion. We want it to reflect our personal standards. We want it to be made to last.  We want it to support, not hurt, makers. We want it to respect the earth.

This is where The Peahen can help. Coming here is the first step in making more ethical style decisions.

I’m happy you’ve found me.

If you’re new, these are good posts to get you started:

You can find a list of brands and designers I endorse on my Shopping Page.

What Else I Do

  • Co-founder of Fashion Revolution Day ATX, a global movement calling for greater transparency, sustainability, and ethics in the fashion industry.
  • Head of Membership for Ethical Writers & Creatives, a group of journalists, writers, and bloggers who seek to support and further ethical and sustainable living online and in print.
  • Member of the Ethical Influencer Network, a collective of writers, bloggers, and creatives who believe in sustainability, fair trade, transparency, and living an ethical lifestyle.

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