Hi! I’m Kasi.

I created The Peahen to bring truth-telling back to fashion.

In the 80’s, fashion journalism declined as brands and marketers began to steer the conversation. This seemed innocuous at first but eventually led to an industry where we get flat advertorials instead of features and celebrity carries more weight than talent. I’m determined to change this. Not by going back to the past but, rather, by moving fashion toward a more intelligent future.

Through my writing, I investigate, critique and add meaningful dialogue to the fashion conversation. While I focus predominantly on ethical and sustainable brands, I do this with design top-of-mind because fashion is, at the end of the day, an aesthetic pursuit. I believe clothes are a joy that can be celebrated while also ensuring they enhance the lives of the people who make them and regenerate, rather than deplete, the earth. This is the balance I strive for on The Peahen.

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Why Ethical Fashion?

Because I burnt out on the extreme highs and lows of fashion.

I worked in luxury fashion marketing for a brief stint, but when it came to my own habits I was buying frequently, cheaply and for one purpose – to be on trend. Eventually, I got curious and started poking holes in the industry and questioning my shopping habits. This led me down a path of discovery. Instant gratification and luxury trends felt good in the moment, but they were inflicting grave harm.

When I realized change was necessary, I got on board with advocacy.  But there was one problem: I couldn’t find any ethical fashion I wanted to wear. Disappointed with the alternative options and the bad reputation of granola fashion, I made it my mission to find and feature style-forward, ethical fashion.

You may be thinking, wait, what exactly is ‘ethical fashion?’ Good question. It’s a bucket term that can be interpreted in many ways. For purposes of clarity, I focus mainly on brands that honor sustainability, rigorous supply chain management, transparency, and quality craftsmanship. I also explore factors like human rights, fair trade, ethical animal treatment, and veganism (although I do not personally adhere to this lifestyle).

I investigate topics that aren’t covered in conventional magazines to help you become a more astute consumer. Reading The Peahen will turn you from fashion victim to fashion critic. You’ll become a pro at identifying unethical marketing and greenwashing schemes while gaining an encyclopedic knowledge of the best ethical brands.

If you’re a brand, publication or individual that shares these values, partner with me to get featured! In addition to coverage here, I also model for ethical brands and do freelance writing and marketing. Work with me. 

What is a Peahen?

A Peahen is a name for a female peacock. ‘Peafowl,’ the official name for peacocks and peahens, flip traditional gender roles on their head. When you think of Peafowl, an image of the male probably pops into your head first. With that distinctive display of feathers, why wouldn’t it? These feathers work to the peacock’s advantage, helping him attract the more subtle peahen – who is brown like the earth. He does the flaunting, she does the choosing.

There’s a lot of power in this gender role reversal. The peahen gets to set her own, considered path.

Why is this relevant? Because I see the same parallel in fashion. Where a conventional consumer follows trends, a conscious consumer asks questions. They make the decision instead of letting the decision pick them, just like the choosy Peahen. But questioning what you buy doesn’t mean you have to give up fashion entirely. It just means buying in a more informed way.

Fashion is a $1.2 trillion global industry that employes 1/6 of the world’s population, 80% of whom are women. So, no more casting it aside as frivolous. As modern consumers, we’re evolving to demand more. We want fashion to reflect our personal standards. We want it to be made to last.  We want it to support, not hurt, makers. We want it to honor, not deplete, the earth.

This is where I can help. Starting here is the first step in an ongoing life journey with ethical style. And, personally, I’m happy you landed here!

If you’re new, these are good posts to get you started:

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What Else I Do

Editorial and Personal Eco-Stylist, Vintage Curator, book a consult or shopping session with me.

Co-Founder & Head of Creative for The Conscious Crowd, Austin’s first ethical fashion collective that unites international brands and shoppers for curated events, marketplaces, and learning experiences.

Two-time organizer and Southwest Regional Coordinator of Fashion Revolution, a global movement calling for greater transparency, sustainability, and ethics in the fashion industry.

Former Head of Membership for Ethical Writers & Creatives, a group of journalists, writers, and bloggers who seek to support and further ethical and sustainable living online and in print.

Public Speaker, I advocate in person as well as in writing and have led talks at South by Southwest, Global Sustainable Fashion Week, TEDx and numerous local panels in Austin, Texas. Contact me for bookings.

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