Write for The Peahen

If you have an interesting perspective on eco or ethical fashion or living, get it published here.

What I’m looking for

Op-eds, researched guides, interviews, and stories that say something unique about the fashion industry. If it ties into ethics or sustainability, even better, but you’re not bound to this. I’m more interested in your original voice and perspective.

What I’m not looking for

I will not consider content that takes a fundamentalist stance on an ethical issue. Please do not submit listicles, plugs for your brand or content that hasn’t been fact-checked. I stick to fashion content, so do not submit writing about mindfulness, health, or wellness.

Submission Requirements

Send me your pitch, or if you’re really ambitious, your full story.

Two examples of prior writing.

Original content only (you can not get your post published elsewhere once you’ve committed to publishing).

At least 2 high-res images in .jpg or .png.

Bio (max 60 words) and 1 link to a site of your choosing.

Google Doc submissions for editing.


Willingness to provide links to your website and social media accounts.

Openness to edits and creative direction to adapt your piece for The Peahen’s tone of voice and audience.

Commitment to cross-promote your post on your active social media account(s) upon publication.

Ability to engage with reader comments on your post after publication.