GUNAS New York


Modeling / Acting trusted tablets pharmacy I am experienced shooting commercial and editorial print, advertisements and film. Find my print on Instagram and my full resume on Actors Access. viagra without prescription Cast me.

Meer Bra Commercial
Axiology Beauty: 90’s Fall Color Story

Professional Speaking

cheap viagra global-sustainable-fashion-week-1 over the counter viagra I am an accomplished public speaker and have given talks at TEDx, South by Southwest and Global Sustainable Fashion Week, and been featured on numerous local panels in Austin.

I can speak on any of these topics: ethical and sustainable fashion, consumer habits, vintage fashion, government and city development as it applies to fashion manufacturing; human rights in the garment sector.

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American Fashion Podcast: Sustainable Living
Green Dreamer Podcast Interview 
Power Women in Green: The Truth About Fast Fashion
YouTube: Ethical Fashion for the Real World


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