Sustainable Fashion Guide

You’re probably aware that fashion and the environment aren’t exactly square. But don’t despair. Follow this guide to sustainable fashion with tips on care and repair and continue your clothing love affair!

I created this printable brochure for Austin’s premier vintage market, Laissez Fair. In addition to laying out the issues in fashion and teaching you how to care for your clothes so they love you back forevaaaaa, it also features tips and hacks for vintage and thrift shopping like a pro. Usable by everyone, young and old, guys and gals alike.

And if you’re in Austin or planning a trip, there’s a city guide to help you find the best ethical and sustainable fashion. Hello, gold mine!

Print it and stick it in your pocket or cut out the parts you love most and tape them to your wall. Either way, I hope this helps in your quest for a more conscious closet.

Xo, Kasi