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A Few Cool Brands: September

I’m back with my roundup of ethical brands for September, plus what I read, listened to, watched and did. This month, I committed to getting outdoors more (living in Austin does this to one) and upping my yoga practice to prepare for a retreat in Costa Rica later this year. Normally, yoga is more about …

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Green Your Clean Part 2: Home Care + Shopping

In my last story on sustainable dry cleaning, I promised you a follow-up with tips on home care and shopping habits to rescue you from your fussy garments. Because, not all of us have access to a posh laundry lounge where the beer takes the edge off our grunt work. Portland, I’m talking to you. …

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Green Your Clean Part 1: Is Sustainable Dry Cleaning Bogus?

There are so many things that make Austin a green city. Accessible vegan food, check. Killer secondhand shopping, check. Composing culture, check. Freegan makers and artists, check. Sustainable dry cleaners, check? Since moving here, I’ve fully embraced the lifestyle. I’m eating vegan or vegetarian as much as possible, learning to compost and walking more than …


A Simple Guide to Eco-Textiles: Guest Post by Kamea Chayne

It’s been in the back of my mind, and the top of my to-do list, to write a piece about textiles for a while. I find it incredibly hard to decipher clothing labels and figure out which textiles are the best options. If you want to make an ethical decision, it requires reading before shopping. But this …

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When to Shop, When to Not

It hit me recently that I’ve been covering ethical brands a lot and spending a good chunk of my time developing an ethical fashion shopping list. The more I write about ethical fashion, the more you’ve been asking for this type of resource. And while I don’t want to discredit this work, I fear I’ve been remiss in skipping the most important …


A Few Cool Brands: May

Hi! Last month was a total whirlwind – I started planning a big move to Austin, Texas and flew to New York to give a TEDx talk on ethical fashion and to go on a recording of American Fashion Podcast (it will be out soon and I will share, promise). Needless to say, I neglected my April …