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Sunday Guide: Charleston Prep

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pixie market

Each Sunday I’ll curate my style discoveries from the week. Come by for new names in ethical fashion, seasonal themes and worthy trends. This week I’m headed to Charleston for

Three Trends, Three Designers @ NYFW

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In the fashion world bad things don’t happen in threes. A trifecta signals an established trend – an understated acknowledgment between designers of a new movement in style. The fall/winter

Spring Sneaks

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I’ve been streamlining my life – and wardrobe – lately. Anything that fits into the fashion realm of functionality I’ve been gobbling up. Naturally, I got excited about the buzz

The Splurge Test

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I was considering dropping boo koo bucks on wear-with-everything flats this weekend –however – I exercised my temptation muscles. Lately, I’ve adopted a useful test for judging whether a fashion

Peahen Partners: SOKO Jewelry

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          Brass Ring Brass Cuff Horn Necklace I’m officially a SOKO Jewelry Ambassador! I’ve featured some pieces from the collection in past blog posts. SOKO distinguishes

Feature: A Move from Modern

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pre-fall 2015 fashion

It’s pre-fall people! I don’t know how serious we can take it as a season that determines trends, but overall I’m sensing big (and needed) a genre shift. Style is