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A sustainable wardrobe shouldn’t just check boxes, it should turn heads.

Don’t abandon your ambitions because you think eco-fashion is boring or too hard. Peahen Studio’s lead stylist, Kasi Martin, can help with a trained eye and serious credentials.

Kasi merges the worlds of aesthetics and ethics to help her clients make sustainable dressing not only aspirational but achievable. She can help you build a modern wardrobe that starts with your values and ends with a clear understanding of your personal style.

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Elevate Your Look

Gain access to new styles and emerging eco designers recommended for you.

Dress With Ease

Save time by discovering your unique dressing formula of colors and silhouettes.​

Save Resources

Find styles that work and minimize the impact on your wallet and the planet.

Save Time

Take the grunt work out of scrolling, tiring try-ons, and returns.  

Practice Sustainability

Explore new ways to dress like rental, vintage, and secondhand.

Build Authenticity 

Discover how to dress in a way that’s true to your life and values.

Peahen Studio is a leading destination for sustainable style. Founded by Kasi Martin, a sustainable fashion journalist and wardrobe stylist whose work has been featured in Glamour, Texas Monthly, Sourcing Journal, South by Southwest, & more. Kasi blends subject-matter expertise with style, helping her clients refine their dressing formulas, maximize their wardrobes, and make updates with slow and secondhand apparel.