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Discover your formula for sustainable dressing.

Originally founded as a blog exploring ethics and sustainability in the fashion industry, Peahen Studio has grown into the leading destination for sustainable style.

You can explore the blog for deep dives and simplify sustainable dressing with virtual and in-person styling services.

Peahen Studio is helmed by Kasi Martin, a fashion journalist and wardrobe stylist. For nearly a decade, Kasi has been at the forefront of sustainable fashion reporting. Her work has been featured in Glamour, Texas Monthly, Sourcing Journal, TEDx, South by Southwest, American Fashion Podcast, and more.

After years of reporting and mastering her formula for slow style, Kasi began curating and selling secondhand and vintage in-person and online. Doing this, she realized how much people were struggling to nail down their style and do it sustainably with competing pressures in their lives. Kasi wanted to take her nights of research and turn them into days where she made sustainable dressing easier on people. Enter—the styling arm of Peahen Studio.

Today, Kasi serves clients in Austin, Texas, and across the world virtually, helping them build more conscious wardrobes by refining their style formula, working within their existing wardrobes, and making updates with slow and secondhand apparel. Get styled here. Kasi also styles editorial and commercial photography and video for slow fashion brands. Explore editorial styling here.

Follow her writing at @peahen.blog and styling @peahen.style.

Portfolio Work: 

Journalist by training. Creative by chromosomes. My writing outside Peahen Studio has spanned from brands and nonprofits to national and local publications.  Here are some neat projects I’ve worked on in my laps around our sizeable star:

  • I reported on sustainability, agriculture, and apparel for Texas MonthlySourcing JournalThe RevelatorEcoCultMochniStyleWise, and more.

  • I wrote content and emails for Credo, a beauty marketplace with its own “Clean Standard” that serves bellwether for the clean products movement.
  • I researched ethical issues and wrote blog posts for Axiology, a vegan and cruelty-free beauty brand.

  • I managed a national fashion campaign for Fair Trade USA and wrote a mini-magazine and editorial to promote it. I also wrote press releases, blogs, and articles for over two years as Head of PR.

  • I wrote content for Whole Foods Market, the world’s leading grocer for organic and natural food, contributing to the company’s Sourced for Good pages.

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