25 Emerging Slow Fashion Brands to Know in 2024

Our favorite slow fashion brands—from minimal to maximal, hippie to high-brow—so you can stop hunting and start being more sustainable.

Written by Jackie Warehime; curated & edited by Kasi Martin

100 billion—that’s the staggering number of garments churned out by the fast fashion industry each year. Fast fashion thrives by rapidly producing low-cost clothing to keep up with ever-changing trends. The waste this generates, 92 million tons a year to be exact, comes at an incredibly high cost, increases greenhouse gas emissions, and causes widespread human rights violations.

If you’re a fashion lover but don’t want to support the perpetuation of overconsumption, there’s a different movement to know: slow fashion. Where fast fashion prioritizes speed and instant gratification (that doesn’t always feel so gratifying), slow fashion emphasizes intentionality, quality, and longevity–helping us rethink our relationship with our wardrobes. 

Unfortunately, many slow fashion brands struggle to compete with the low prices, large marketing budgets, and household names of fast fashion companies. But to create a more equitable and sustainable fashion industry, we need these slow fashion voices to break through the noise. 

But, it can be hard to find slow fashion brands unless you’re actively fine-tuning your algorithm to your niche style or scouting local markets every weekend. And if you don’t live in a design-friendly city, it’s even harder. Yet, alas, when you find a slow fashion fit, it’s like meeting someone who gets you without trying. 

That’s why we did our best to round up our favorite brands—from minimal to maximal, hippie to high-brow—so you can stop hunting and start supporting more ethical, equitable, and sustainable fashion. 

Keep reading to discover our favorite slow fashion brands to explore as you craft your own sustainable wardrobe.

Slow Fashion vs. Sustainable Fashion – What’s the Difference?

Though often used interchangeably, ‘slow fashion’ and ‘sustainable fashion’ highlight different parts of ethical clothing production. Sustainable fashion focuses on minimizing the environmental impact of clothing, often through the use of eco-friendly materials and processes that reduce waste. Slow fashion is concerned with the entire lifecycle of clothing—from production to usage—aiming to cut down on the volume produced and consumed by prioritizing high-quality materials designed for longevity.

If we’re getting philosophical, we like to think of ‘slow fashion’ as a lifestyle and cultural shift that involves not just the industry but people, governments, and society; and ‘sustainable fashion’ as an industry shift that’s one piece of the pie. 

The term ‘sustainable fashion’ has unfortunately been co-opted by some major brands for greenwashing. For example, H&M faced criticism for claiming the use of “sustainable materials,” yet these materials make up only a small fraction of their total production. (Also check out this retro post.)

Many slow fashion brands integrate sustainable practices into their operations, such as using recycled materials or implementing processes to reduce their carbon footprint. However, they also combine these methods with a mentality of slower production (not adhering to industry seasons, for example) or only producing on-demand or custom designs. 

Slow fashion can be interpreted in a variety of ways, as long as it supports a healthier, more sustainable relationship with fashion and style overall. For you, it might mean not shopping at all, and hey, we certainly support that! But if you do decide on something new, or simply new to you, here are the emerging slow fashion brands you need to know. 

Ready to Wear



Handcrafted chic everyday women’s wear

Founded by Lottie Bertello in Lima, Peru, the designer creates garments from 100% natural leftover Peruvian textiles like cotton, alpaca, and merino wool. Dedicated to slow fashion, Bertello focuses on handcrafting unique, sustainable pieces and reducing textile waste.

Sustainability Standouts:

  • Utilizes 100% natural fibers.
  • Pays workers 3x the minimum wage in Lima.
  • Committed to using upcycled materials and minimal waste packaging.

Lucinda Babi 

Bespoke women’s wear

Lucinda Babi, launched in Melbourne in 2018, is a namesake label that combines British heritage with Australian influences to create ethical, made-to-order women’s clothing. Emphasizing sustainability, Lucinda personally crafts each garment to ensure quality and minimize waste.

Sustainability Standouts:

  • Emphasizes made-to-order production to reduce waste.
  • Sources fabrics and trims locally.
  • Uses recycled/compostable packaging.

Poppy Lissiman

Eco-conscious accessories (handbags & sunglasses)

Founded in Western Australia in 2008, Poppy Lissiman’s label is known for its bold, high-quality accessories, crafted from cruelty-free and sustainable materials such as recycled plastics and acetate.

Sustainability Standouts:

  • Exclusively uses faux leather materials.
  • Incorporates rPET fabric from recycled plastics.
  • Uses recycled acetate for sunglasses.

Bastet Noir 

Bespoke, tailored womenswear

Based in North Macedonia, Bastet Noir  offers tailor-made women’s wear ranging from casual to formal styles. The brand helps empower strong, bold women, supporting single parents and micro-entrepreneurs through sustainable, on-demand production that uses locally sourced deadstock fabrics.

Sustainability Standouts:

  • Minimizes waste with on-demand production.
  • Utilizes deadstock fabrics from local warehouses.
  • Supports single-parent women and micro-entrepreneurs.


Hard-to-find partywear statement pieces 

Bodgar, founded by Teodora and Pavel Lozanov in Bulgaria, crafts sophisticated, sustainable partywear in a family-owned atelier in Vidin. The brand combines fine fabrics with innovative designs to produce chic, playful, and edgy party attire while emphasizing sustainability and transparency.

Sustainability Standouts:

  • Utilizes organic, biodegradable, or recycled fabrics.
  • Implements a made-to-order model to minimize waste.


Redefined classics & avant-garde pieces

Founder and designer Kennedy Lor transforms second-hand fabrics into avant-garde fashion pieces that capture the dynamic spirit of New York with Lowken. Based in Minnesota, Lor upcycles textile waste to create unique garments that narrate the history of their materials.

Sustainability Standouts:

  • Exclusively uses second-hand materials.
  • Sources materials locally from the Minneapolis-St. Paul area.
  • Produces handmade pieces.

Luci lemons 

Handmade women’s wear from lux reclaimed fabrics

Luci’s Lemons, established by Lucinda in the Netherlands, is a slow fashion brand that offers handmade, made-to-order garments from premium deadstock fabrics. Inspired by her mother’s sewing, Lucinda prioritizes ethical and sustainable practices, creating unique, high-quality pieces tailored to individual preferences.

Sustainability Standouts:

  • Handmade and made-to-order to minimize waste.
  • Utilizes deadstock fabrics from haute couture brands.


Multi-seasonal jackets and coats

Founded by Chelsea Claridge in New York, Caalo blends luxury with innovative, future-focused designs. The brand offers transformable, trans-seasonal, and non-gender-specific pieces, emphasizing sustainability with small production runs and eco-friendly materials sourced from Italy, Japan, and Korea.

Sustainability Standouts:

  • Uses OEKO-TEX certified (chemicals) and RDS certified materials (down).
  • Partners with environmentally and socially responsible factories.
  • Produces in small runs to reduce waste.
  • Designs reversible, convertible, and multifunctional pieces for longevity.


Luxury, sustainable handbags

Founded on Earth Day 2020 in London, Marici is a luxury accessories brand that embraces a circular design philosophy. Utilizing plant-based leather alternatives, the brand offers timeless handbags made in Florence, Italy, with a focus on heritage craftsmanship and sustainability.

Sustainability Standouts:

  • Uses biodegradable upcycled plant fibers (B-Corp Certified Pinatex, pineapple leather).
  • Handmade by master artisans to preserve traditional craftsmanship.


Blended formal anddaywear pieces

Brøgger is a London-based luxury label founded by Julie Brøgger in 2017. It’s known for blending sharp tailoring with soft silhouettes, striking a balance between Danish design and London’s bold fashion. The brand is celebrated for its high-quality craftsmanship and distinctive, playful designs.

Sustainability Standouts:

  • Commits to local production in the UK and EU, sourcing all materials regionally.
  • Uses sustainable materials, including organic and recycled components.



Tolu Coker

Unisex ethical luxury

Established in 2021, Tolu Coker is a sustainable luxury fashion brand merging British-Nigerian influences with a commitment to craftsmanship, community, and culture. Coker is inspired by social climates and identity politics and uses fashion to promote social change. The brand prioritizes quality tailoring and cultural preservation.

Sustainability Focus:

  • Combines artisanal craftsmanship with innovative technology.
  • Prioritizes ethical and inclusive methods in design and manufacturing.

Torisheju Dumi

Practical and avant-garde women’s wear

Founded in 2021 by Torishéju Dumi, this London-based luxury fashion brand melds cultural heritage with modern design, serving as a platform for social change and artistic expression. Dumiemphasizes sustainable practices, repurposing vintage textiles, and maintaining high-quality craftsmanship.

Sustainability Standouts:

  • Utilizes repurposed vintage fabrics.
  • Focuses on artisanal craftsmanship, with all pieces crafted in London.

Paulina Russo

Avant-garde women’s wear

Founded in London by Paolina Russo and Lucile Guilmard, Paolina Russo creates avant-garde womenswear inspired by Russo’s Canadian upbringing and Guilmard’s French folklore. The brand stands out for its sustainable textile innovations and has earned accolades such as the L’Oréal Creative Young Talent Award and a finalist position in the 2023 International Woolmark Prize.

Sustainability Standouts:

  • Focuses on sustainable textile innovation.

Paolo Carzana

Handcrafted ready-to-wear and runway 

Paolo Carzana is a Welsh designer known for using plant-based, recycled, organic, and repurposed materials and dyes. Carzana’s collections have earned international acclaim, including the 2024 LVMH Prize shortlist and the British Fashion Council’s NEWGEN award.

Sustainability Standouts:

  • Uses plant-based, recycled, and organic materials.
  • Crafts garments using natural dyes.


Refined men’s wear 

Launched by Julian Louie in 2022, Brooklyn-based Aubero repurposes vintage and scrap fabrics into sophisticated, wearable menswear. Louiecombines creativity and practicality, turning discarded textiles into couture-inspired pieces.

Sustainability Standouts:

  • Uses repurposed and vintage fabrics.


Austin, Texas, is emerging as a slow fashion hub, with many local designers championing sustainable and ethical practices. The city is home to the Central Texas Fashion Coalition, which aims to connect, empower, and amplify sustainable fashion professionals outside of traditional fashion hubs like NY and LA. Austin also hosts the Slow Fashion Fest, an annual event showcasing slow fashion creators’ work. 

Here are 10 slow fashion designers from Austin’s scene worth getting to know.

Formula S7

Iconic men’s and women’s wear 

Formula S7 is a slow fashion brand committed to crafting long-lasting, iconic wardrobes using sustainable materials. The brand is dedicated to challenging fast fashion through made-to-order processes that emphasize self-expression and environmental responsibility. FS7 is also offered on Wolf & Badger.

Sustainability Standouts:

  • Handmade designs with sustainable materials.
  • Advocates for ethical practices and a circular economy.

Electric Honey

Eclectic accessories & apparel

Electric Honey, established five years ago in Austin, Texas, embodies the city’s eclectic and underground fashion scene. In addition to designing custom garments, founder Jimmy produces four collections annually, each in collaboration with local artists andshowcasing a range of styles from modern boho to experimental rock and roll.

Sustainability Standouts:

  • Collaborates with local artisans to create garments.
  • Emphasizes small-scale production to reduce waste.
  • Utilizes off-cuts (aka scrap waste) from luxury fashion houses. 

Sleep Never 

Custom costume and couture pieces

Sleep Never merges custom, costume, and couture fashion, crafting ethically made-to-order pieces. The brand creates personalized fashion that captures the essence of individual expression.

Sustainability Standouts:

  • Ethically made-to-order to reduce waste and ensure quality.
  • Utilizing some upcycled materials. 

Soul Studio

Women’s wear, accessories & soft home goods

Founded in 2016 by mother-daughter duo Carol Hargus and Melissa Hargus-Pierce, Soul Studio emphasizes sustainability with its nature-inspired, handmade fashion. The team uses organic, non-toxic materials to create unique, botanically-dyed products. To move more toward slow fashion, the brand recently shifted away from producing ready-to-wear, to only taking custom orders and offering plant-dye services. 

Sustainability Standouts:

  • Uses organic and non-toxic materials.
  • Specializes in unique, plant-dyed garments.


Couture and ready-to-wear

Self-taught evening wear designer, Nico Perez, is a rising star from South Texas (they’re based in Corpus/ San Antonio but renowned in Austin). Nico is committed to uplifting black, brown and tejano voices in fashion by celebrating and honoring their stories and heritage. With Nico’s namesake label, they offer  tcouture, bridal, and ready-to-wear pieces in elevated designs. 


Everyday wear, special occasion, and bridal couture

Dashe, a custom fashion house by Danielle Shepherd, excels in creating feminine yet dark avante-garde  garments ranging from everyday wear to special occasion and bridal. Known for her meticulous in-house pattern cutting and use of premium fabrics, Danielle tailors each piece to meet custom requests.

Sustainability Standouts:

  • Offers made-to-order production to minimize waste.
  • Focuses on high-quality, durable materials that extend garment life.

House of ZZ Swimwear

Sustainable swimwear that’s IG-worthy 

House of ZZ offers sustainable swimwear made from eco-friendly materials like REPREVE® and ECONYL®, both made from recycled fibers. The brand focuses on producing durable and fashionable swimwear while maintaining environmental responsibility. All products are ethically made in Bali, following fair trade practices and minimizing waste.

Sustainability Standouts:

  • Utilizes recycled materials like REPREVE® and ECONYL® in all swimwear.
  • Partners with a fair trade manufacturer in Bali to ensure ethical production and reduce waste.


Timeless, versatile women’s wear

Founder and designer Chelsey Korman crafts versatile, elevated play clothes with a rock ‘n’ roll edge. Designed for anytime wear, these made-in-the-USA pieces combine a timeless, relaxed aesthetic with a commitment to social and environmental responsibility. If you ask us, they nailed the cool factor. 

Sustainability Standouts:

  • Focuses on multifunctional and enduring designs to minimize wardrobe size.
  • Upholds ethical production practices.

Feral Kinds

Unique women’s wear

Founded in 2020 by Dia Miskovitz in San Marcos, Texas, FeralKinds offers one-of-a-kind pieces from upcycled textiles that celebrate diversity and authenticity. Each item is designed and handmade by Dia, emphasizing sustainable and inclusive fashion.

Sustainability Standouts:

  • Handmade, unique garments that reduce waste.
  • Produced from upcycled materials like seed bags, drapery, and blankets.
  • Focus on sustainable practices in every creation.

Faire Sauvage 

Vintage-inspired couture

Faire Sauvage redefines fashion by repurposing scrap and secondhand materials into distinctive, edgy pieces. Founded by Alayna Suber, the brand merges vintage charm with modern and performative styling to create unique apparel. 

Sustainability Standouts:

  • Exclusively uses recycled and reclaimed materials.
  • Produces bespoke items to minimize waste.

Have other slow fashion brands you love? Shout out their small biz in the comments and be sure to tag them so we can follow.

Author Bio: 

Jackie Warehime is a New York-based designer and sustainability advocate with a background in product design. She writes about sustainable design at www.jackiewarehime.com to explore and expand the ethical and sustainable approaches to crafting our world.


Brogger, Loti, Formula S7, and Tolu Coker


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