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When to Shop, When to Not

It hit me recently that I’ve been covering ethical brands a lot and spending a good chunk of my time developing an ethical fashion shopping list. The more I write about ethical fashion, the more you’ve been asking for this type of resource. And while I don’t want to discredit this work, I fear I’ve been remiss in skipping the most important …


The Capsule Collection to End Impulse Shopping: An Interview with Vetta

A capsule wardrobe is a collection of high-quality, staple pieces that can be mixed and matched with the goal of creating an streamlined wardrobe. Done right, it can save time, money, space, and resources without compromising your commitment to effortless chic. Over time the interpretation of a capsule collection has changed. Some of fashion’s cognoscenti …

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A Year of Wardrobe Resolutions

Before I jump into my 2016 resolutions, I want to do a small recap of this year’s highlights. There are two biggies worth mentioning. This year I converted The Peahen. I’m now focusing solely on ethical fashion. Why? Because fashion can be smart. Because fashion can be a powerful force for social justice. Instead of …