Feature: A Move from Modern

pre-fall 2015 fashion
Gucci Kris Knight
Gucci X Kris Knight
pre-fall 2015 fashion
A new fashion Renaissance

It’s pre-fall people! I don’t know how serious we can take it as a season that determines trends, but overall I’m sensing big (and needed) a genre shift. Style is being cast once again on a canvas of romanticism, somberness and realism – and it’s trickling over to fashion backdrops and runways. Remember last season’s over-the-top grocery isle Chanel show? Carb couture was once a thing. Ya – those days are gone as quick as Lagerfield can exclaim Fini at the end of his show.

The minimal, modern trend has been running rampant for quite a stretch. We’re long overdue for a damn floral print. It finally seems like the fashion world is following suit. The trend cropped up first in an art collaboration between Gucci and Canadian realist painter Kris Knight. The resort collection casts discernible prints on refined silhouettes for the ultimate fashion renaissance.

Pre-fall followed suit. The trend picked up momentum with designers choosing to set their models on backdrops that rivaled their clothing in visual appeal. BCBG, Erdem, Sonya Rykiel and Alice + Olivia (clockwise from top left) showcased renaissance-esque creations on backgrounds with artistic intention.

Ever noticed why some fashion photos skyrocket to glossy publication and social infamy? It all boils down to the setup. And the setup these days looks like a painting pulled right from the walls of the Louvre.

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