It’s Not Too Late For An Ethical Holiday!


If you’re reading this post, you’ve procrastinated as much as me this season [insert mild panic attack as I look at my pile of unwrapped gifts]. You’re up against the holiday crunch, but don’t give up on ethical alternatives yet. There are still a few things you can do to prep and keep your ethical game face on. Here are three last minute tips for fashion, food and festivities.

Buy a bold, vintage necklace.

Alexa Chung Necklace

Ethical fashion brands live online, so, at this point it’s too late to snag a new outfit and have it arrive in time for your holiday party. Your best alternative is to pull a reliable classic from your closet and up its impact with a vintage accessory.

In my experience, necklaces are the easiest thing to come by at any reputable vintage store. If you’ve never shopped second-hand before, ask around for a recommendation and go out hunting today! Insider tip: Don’t go looking for anything specific. Keep an open mind and plan a simple dress or top to act as a neutral backdrop for your new statement piece. Added bonus…the right necklace makes for a swoon-worthy holiday photo. You might even score something with literal jingle bells to channel your inner Alexa Chung (pic).


Bring something vegan.

Vegan Cherry Clafoutis

I’ve been making this cherry clafoutis for every party this year and it never fails to impress. It’s french and sweet, what could go wrong?! The crowd doesn’t have to know you made it with tofu. I always find it’s best to keep the vegan thing hush-hush and let the food hold its own against the standard party fare that oozes with cheese, meat a butter. When guests come begging for the recipe, only then can you can throw in the tofu shock-factor. Extra credit: Whip up some homemade coconut cream as the (alternative) icing to your (alternative) cake.




Gift wrap consciously.

EcoCult Wrapping Paper

Ok, so you bought into the holiday pressure of over-gifting. Who didn’t? You can earn eco vindication by wrapping consciously today and tomorrow.  Alden at EcoCult has some tips (with pics like these to prove her wrapping skills, I trust her!).




Cheers & Happy Everything,



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