One Step To A More Ethical Wardrobe: Take The Second Hand Challenge

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This September the Ethical Writers & Creatives are challenging you to buy secondhand instead of new. All month, we will be discussing the value of thrift, how-tos, where to donate your own goods, and more!

The goals include:

  1. Promote second hand first.
  2. Simplify wardrobes and find the proper outlet for discards.
  3. Value the work of designers and factory workers by giving new life to discarded things.

You can read the full post and related articles from savvy writers on the Ethical Writers & Creatives Blog.

My Second Hand September Find

In lieu of this challenge, I went on a consignment hunt while I was in DC for Labor Day weekend. I stumbled on this kick-ass boutique – part first-hand, part lux consigner – with some surprisingly quirky finds in a city renowned for its buttoned up prepster set. It’s called Current Boutique if you’re in the area. The store was chock-full of commendable dresses and skirts but I set my sights on a tiny leather hip case (ok, fine, you can call it a fanny pack). I’m beyond stoked to use it for traveling.

Here it is in all its perfectly-worn in glory. I’m now on the hunt for a perfect pair of linen pants and a flowy top to belt it around for my next afternoon exploring a new neighborhood block.

leather fanny pack

I’ll also be writing up a piece soon with my ins-and-outs of scoring the best vintage and secondhand. In the meantime, check out our pinboard for inspiration.

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