What is Peahen Studio? 

My personal styling offshoot brings people closer to the meaning and impact of their clothes. Plus, a special offer for Peahen readers to get styled.

I have exciting news to share! I’m creating an offshoot of The Peahen as a studio for editorial and personal styling.

I’ve been thinking about the next phase of this blog for a long time because go figure, I had a lot of it alone recently. I’ve been doing editorial styling work for brands in Austin for about three years. I made this transition because I was HUNGRY for IRL work after seven years of research and reporting behind my laptop screen. I wanted to touch and feel clothes, to bring to life the looks I was dreaming up (“love it, couldn’t wear it” anyone?), and to be on set with other creatives. Initially, I started styling as a bridge to build visual narratives that would support my written ones. Lookbooks, zines, and social imagery were my thing. Basically anything in the realm of world-building, brand identity, or creating narratives I hadn’t seen before. 

I thought I would stick to editorial styling but I realized that the biggest opportunity to help people build mindful wardrobes beyond this blog is in personal styling. So I dove in. What started as a custom eco-styling and personal shopping experience on Airbnb, I’ve now built into a full suite of personal styling services that range from consultations, wardrobe audits, and personal shopping to shorter sessions that focus on teaching ethical and vintage dressing and can be done virtually. 

My goal with the styling offshoot, Peahen Studio, is to bring people closer to the meaning and impact of their clothes. I focus on sourcing from the ethical, independent, and sustainable brands I’ve built relationships with during my years as a fashion journalist. I also incorporate vintage and secondhand based on client preference. My approach, however, is not ethically fundamentalist. I prioritize quality design above all, seek out and support emerging talent, and create enduring wardrobes for my clients based on their needs, budget, and values. 

A recent client styled in luxury secondhand

How to start with personal styling

For those saying “I NEED this” right now, I recommend beginning with a consultation. Although it’s tempting to jump right into personal shopping, the consultation process allows me to understand you beyond your closet. This way, I can advise you not only on what to wear but how and why to wear it. 

My styling services differ from others because they focus on education throughout the process. You will learn topics relevant to your needs that could include: garment care and preservation, wardrobe organization, capsule wardrobe creation, travel/event wardrobe creation, cleanout and donation management, sustainability, sourcing secondhand, veganism, textiles, color theory, clothing production and origin, fashion history, and development of personal style. 

I’m particularly motivated to expand the personal styling side of Peahen Studio because I know there’s a real and underserved need for ethical styling. So many people have expressed their desire to dress ‘ethically’ to me. Yet, when they endeavor into it and learn how complicated and intersecting many of the issues are, they find it overwhelming. Our world is becoming increasingly values-driven and that’s a great thing, but it’s also another thing. With ethical styling, I’m here to manage it for you. When you invest in a better wardrobe, I will help you design one fit for your life and your values.  

Visit www.kasimartin.com/personal for more information and my booking site to schedule services!

But wait…Peahen readers get deals! For in-person services: use code ‘Peahen Reader‘ when booking for your first hour free with two hours or more of services (a $100 value). For virtual services: use code ‘PeahenReaderVirtual‘ for 15% off packages. Please note: I offer in-store and in-home services to Austin-based clients only. There are plenty of online offerings, so don’t let that hold you back if you’re elsewhere.

Before you go! 

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  • Stay tuned here, I’ll post more style-focused content going forward. Next up, a guide to finding amazing stuff at thrift stores!
  • If you’re a brand interested in editorial styling, you can find info on that at www.kasimartin.com/editorial
  • While I still have ya, checkout this retro post from one of my first styling shoots in Austin. Aw, memories.


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