Some downloadables + other folx I love in the world of ethical fashion and enlightened living. 



Uses these to take a deeper dive into ethical fashion.


Want to see if a brand you wear now is using ethical or sustainable practices?  Use these sites to check.

  • Transparency Index: The 100 biggest brands and retailers ranked by Fashion Revolution according to how much they disclose about their social and environmental impact.
  • DoneGood: A browser app that auto-corrects your shopping to suggest ethical alternatives.
  • Good On You: Ethical ranking you can take with you while you shop. Voila, no pre-research required!
  • The Higg Index: A holistic overview of the sustainability performance of a product or company.

If you’re a designer, you can find a Cradle to Cradle™ certified list of sustainable textiles on Fashion Positive’s Materials Collection.


These are the other blogs and website I read that cover ethical fashion, conscious living. and sustainability. A few peppered in here discuss politics, culture, and the arts.