Published Work

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MAMAHUHU | 10 Influencers of Ethical and Sustainable Fashion
Green Match UK | The Most Inspirational Blogs On Sustainable Fashion
Fibertech | The Forces of Nature Behind the Slow Fashion Movement


Professional Speaking


I am an accomplished public speaker and have given talks at TEDx, South by Southwest and Global Sustainable Fashion Week, and been featured on numerous local panels in Austin.

I can speak on any of these topics: ethical and sustainable fashion, consumer habits, vintage fashion, government and city development as it applies to fashion manufacturing; human rights in the garment sector. Please email me to speak at or moderate your event. 

Check out these podcasts and videos:

E.S Now Podcast: Fair Trade, Covid and the Next Generation of Fashion
American Fashion Podcast: Sustainable Living
Green Dreamer Podcast Interview 
Power Women in Green: The Truth About Fast Fashion
YouTube: Ethical Fashion for the Real World



Please visit for my editorial styling work and offerings.



I am experienced shooting commercial and editorial fashion shoots for both print and digital. I have been featured in a Meer Bra Commercial, Selva Beat Magazine and Axiology Beauty. Find more work on Instagram and my resume on Actors Access. Please email for bookings.