Vintage & Secondhand

Quality vintage and secondhand will always be a sustainable way to shop. Just be conscious about how much you’re donating, how frequently, and where it’s going. Some of my favorite sites and apps for searching online are Depop, The Real Real, and Poshmark. I sell some vintage on Poshmark, find my collection here.

Brands I Love

There are also tons of ethical and eco-fashion brands out there if you want to support garment workers and move the fashion industry toward a better future. Just remember, you’re still buying “stuff” so please do so thoughtfully knowing that your purchases are not singlehanded going to create change (get engaged, advocate, vote, and all that stuff.

Regarding design, that’s a major priority. IA [?]created this master list to make it easy to find ones that fit your style. I’ve vetted each brand for their commitment to quality, craftsmanship, ethics, and transparency as well as ensuring they’re on the cutting edge of design.

Before you start, check out my questionnaire to figure out when to shop and when to not before you buy.

Also consider that many of these brands are online only. If you prefer to shop in-store, I encourage you to find a designer you love and check their stockists for retailers close to you. When you find a store, chances are it will usually carry multiple ethical or sustainable designers. Jackpot!

For the guys! I am also in the process of building out menswear. Look for “F/M” for brands that cater to both. For gents, I recommend starting with a marketplace that represents multiple brands like Your Eco-Stylist or Mamoq.

If you’re an ethical brand or designer who wants to be featured here, contact me

For the Hip

  • Reformation: Cool girl clothes that don’t kill the environment. Ethics: Eco, Traceable. $$
  • MATTER: Heritage prints in breezy shapes. Ethics: Artisan, Human Rights, Traceable. $$
  • Accompany: Lux bohemian, incredible maxi dresses and jumpers. Ethics: Eco, Artisan, Human Rights. $
  • Christy Dawn: Etherial dresses made from deadstock fabric. Limited runs. Ethics: Eco. $$-$$$
  • Raven + Lily: Artisan craftsmanship, wearable style. Austin, Texas brand. Ethics: Artisan, Human Rights. $$
  • Esby Apparel: Casual basics in with an easy style. Made in the USA. Ethics: Made in USA, Quality. $$
  • Bon George: Pretty dresses and separates for days outdoors. Ethics: Eco. $$
  • TANTUVI: Stunning dresses and one-pieces in bold colors. Ethics: Artisan, Human Rights. $$
  • Studio 189: African prints wearable silhouettes. Ethics: Artisan, Human Rights. $$$
  • Gamine Workwear: Real workwear with a western vibe. Ethics: Made in USA, Eco, Female-Owned. $$
  • Dolores Haze: Quirky, British-punk styles. Ethics: Eco, Female-Owned. $
  • VauteCouture: All vegan fashion empire with downtown edge. Ethics: Eco, Animal Rights. $$
  • Madia & Matilda: Girly charm, reasonable prices. Ethics: Eco $
  • Ace & Jig: Bold designs by two gals who love antique textiles. Ethics: Artisan, Female-Owned. $$$
  • Kitty Ferreira London: Ultra sophisticated styles for the ‘boardroom activist’. Ethics: Eco. $$$
  • Tabii Just: Dressy styles in bold colors. Ethics: Eco, Zero Waste, Made in USA. $$
  • Doen: Hippie luxe pieces ready for the west coast. Ethics: Artisan, Female-Owned.$$
  • IZZY LANE: Collection of lux wool, supple silk, and made-to-measure suits. Ethics: Animal Rights. $$
  • Laura Siegel: Relaxed pieces that ooze casual luxury. Ethics: Artisan, Traceable $$
  • Wray: Painterly prints that emphasize the elemental in easy-to-wear shapes. Ethics: Female-Owned. $$
  • Zuri Collection: Graphic Tanzanian prints in classic cuts. Go here for a standout skirt. Ethics: Artisan. $$
  • Yours Again: Upcycled denim with a hip edge. Go here for that 90s choker you want so bad. Ethics: Eco. $-$$$. [European shipping only]
  • ZIRAN: Earthy florals, on-trend shapes. Made exclusively from peace silk. Ethics: Eco, Animal Rights. $$$
  • COB Designs: Hand-picked vintage kimonos reimagined as dreamy dresses. Ethics: Eco, Zero Waste. $$$
  • CONRADO: Beach to street relaxed wear with a Cali vibe. Ethics: Female-Owned, Artisan, Eco, Traceable. $$
  • EVERYBODY.WORLD: LA-basics and capsule contributor collections from everyday people. This brand is re-imagining how clothes get designed and made. Ethics: Eco, Female-Owned, Traceable, Artisan, Made in USA. W/M $$-$$$
  • Maggie Marilyn: Breezy separates and dresses by a prominent NZ-based label. Ethics: Eco, Transparent. $$$
Conrado jumpsuit, Unravel Co. handbag

For the Refined

  • Eileen Fisher: A green fashion pioneer turned non-your-mom’s cool-girl brand. Ethics: Eco, Female-Owned, Transparent. $$$
  • Devinto: Feminine brand with a knack for swingy silhouettes. Ethics: Female-Owned; Eco. $$
  • Victoria Road: Work appropriate shapes in heritage prints. Use code PEAHENXVR for 20% off sitewide. Ethics: Artisan, Female-Owned. $$
  • Datura: An urban collection made from natural and designed for work or play. Ethics: Eco. $$-$$$
  • Ali Golden: Indie line & small batch retailer with modern designs and selective partnerships. Ethics: Artisan, Fair Trade, Female-Owned. $$
  • Emerson Fry: A mix of raw and tailored classics in updated shapes. Ethics: Artisan, Slow.$$
  • Elizabeth Suzann: Timeless essentials in oh so sexy silk and crepe. Ethics: Artisan, Slow, Eco. $$$
  • Miranda Bennett: Drapey, plant dyed designs rendered in natural cotton, linen and silk. Ethics: Eco, Slow, Artisan. $$$
  • FONNESBECH: Modern fashion with Danish sensibilities. Ethics: Eco. $$$
  • Chan + Krys: Black and white capsule collection styles. Ethics: Eco, Female-Owned. $$
  • Kordal Knitwear: Knit with a hip spin and quirky colors. Ethics: Eco, Artisan, Female-Owned. $$$
  • Coat Check Chicago: Tightly edited collection of coats for every need and climate. Ethics: Female-Owned, Slow. $$
  • Svilu: Etherial prints and fabrics executed with structure. Ethics: Eco, Traceable. $
  • Amour Vert: Relaxed essentials in drapey shapes and subtle prints with a consideration for sustainability. Ethics: Eco, Slow. $$
  • BYEM: Basics with Scandinavian simplicity; like Ikea for your closet. Ethics: Eco. Launching soon!
  • Vincetta: Chic wardrobe essentials that pay attention to structure and draping. Ethics: Made in USA, Slow. $$
  • The Summer House: Delicate essentials [think breezy dresses and separates] in organic and undyed fabrics. Ethics: Artisan, Slow, Eco. $-$$
  • Vaute Couture: Playful design, quirky dresses, vegan principles. Ethics: Animal Rights. $$
  • Etnica: Alpaca wool coats in timeless silhouettes produced in family-owned workshops in Peru. Ethics: Eco, Artisan, Slow. $$$
  • La Fille Colette: Polished dresses for a gal with New England sensibilities. Ethics: Made in USA, Female-Owned, Eco. $$-$$$.
  • IKKIVI: A carefully curated collection of modern Indian designers. Ethics: Slow, Female-Owned, Artisan, Eco. $$
  • Naadam: Wrap yourself in fully traceable cashmere. Ethics: Eco, Traceable, Slow, Cruelty-free. $$
  • Bastet Noir: A concise collection of wearable suit separates, etherical dresses, and made to measure garments. Ethics: Zero-Waste, Eco, Women’s’ Empowerment. $$-$$$
Bastet Noir dress

For the Minimalist

  • Siizu: The ultimate affordable eco-fashion collection. Ethics: Eco, Traceable. $
  • Kowtow: Edgy basics with boyish charm. Ethics: Eco, Artisan. $$
  • Study NY: Upgrade streetwear in subdued colors. Ethics: Eco, Artisan, Zero Waste, Slow, Female-Owned. $
  • Vesta Studio: Coastal girl designs in the lowest impact textiles imaginable. Ethics: Eco, Vegan, Female-Owned, Traceable. $$
  • Ecoalf: Lineup of sporty clothes (amazing rain coats!) & accessories made entirely from recycled materials…without actually looking like it. Ethics: Eco, Giving Model. W/M $$
  • Ode to Sunday: Easy collection of basics in breezy linen from the oldest flax mill in Lithuania. Ethics: Eco, Artisan. $$
  • Fool Dost: Raw minimalist designs that say ‘I’m well-traveled.” Ethics: Eco, Artisan, Female-Owned. $$
  • Modernation: Capsule garments with a dose of vintage in sustainable and deadstock materials. Ethics: Made in USA, Eco. $$
  • Cuyana: Luxury basics, hyper-refined aesthetic. Ethics: Female-Owned, Charity Model. $$
  • PLY-KNITS: A little library of smarter, better cashmere. In plys from ½ ? 12. Ethics: Eco. $$-$$$
  • Grammar: Impeccable white shirt collection with an obsession for minute detailing. Organic cotton from India. Ethics: Eco, Female-Owned. $$
  • Encircled: Versatile pieces designed to help you pack less and live more. Sustainable and soft materials. Ethics: Eco, Female-Owned, Traceable. $-$$
White Shirt by GRAMMAR

For the Office Gal

  • Maven: Stellar sheath dresses that go day to night for a woman in charge. Ethics: Female-Owned, Eco, Fair Trade. $$
  • Filippa K: Swedish powerhouse known for dreamy draping and sustainable materials. Ethics: Eco. W/M. $$
  • Ministry of Supply: Scientifically engineered clothes and 3D printing: Ethics: Eco, Made in USA. W/M. $$
  • Argent: Meet Jcrew’s older, wiser sister (who wears cool spectacles). Ethics: Female-Owned, Made in USA. $$$
Burgundy suit by Argent

*NEW* For the Boys

In addition to the brands noted with a W/M label, these brands cater more exclusively to self-identifying male shoppers.

  • Eco-Stylist: A marketplace for men who want to dress like they give a damn. Great breakdowns by ethic. Ethics: all of them!$-$$.
  • Outerknown: On and off duty apparel for the rugged type. Ethics: Eco, Transparent. $-$$
  • Vustra: Finally, fair trade and organic button downs that aren’t basic. Ethics: Eco, Made in USA, Fair Trade. $$
  • HELM Boots: Classic, quality, craft with a signature white line. Ethics: Quality, Transparent. $$$
  • Soele: Enduring sweaters from transitional Alpaca and cotton: Ethics: Artisan, Transparent, Giving. $$
  • Komodo: Hip Brit curation of current and affordable eco-friendly brands. $-$$$
  • Everlane: The gateway ethical brand for basics and a killer backpack. Ethics: Transparent, Eco. $-$$.
  • United by Blue: If you love Patagonia you can also opt for UBB. Ethics: Eco, Transparent, B-Corp. $$
  • Ecoalf: Sport driven mixed lineup of clothes and accessories made entirely from recycled materials. Ethics: Eco, Giving Model. $$
  • EVERYBODY.WORLD: Your go to for tees in colorways unknown to the Zon. Plus, tons of other great basics and one-of-a-kind finds. Ethics: Eco, Female-Owned, Traceable, Artisan, Made in USA. W/M $$-$$$

Basics + Capsule

  • Amour Vert: Relaxed essentials in drapey shapes and subtle prints with a consideration for sustainability. Ethics: Eco, Made in USA. $$
  • People Tree: The originator of fair trade clothing, a huge selection of organic cotton. Ethics: Eco, Artisan, Fair Trade. $$
  • The Fabric Social: Hip styles in basic and vibrant colors with a mission to lift women out of poverty in Asia. $$
  • Shift to Nature: Range of styles from edgy streetwear to yoga attire, all with reputable certifications. Ethics: Eco, Artisan, Fair Trade, Animal Rights. $$.
  • Marie Hell: Clean basics for uniform building. Ethics: Eco, Slow. $$
  • Body hugging basics with a focus on US manufacturing. They pioneered the Versalette one-piece! $
  • Elegantees: Tight collection of dresses, tunics and tops that help fight sex trafficking in Nepal. $
  • Uniforme: A collection that takes its quality white shirt seriously. $$
  • Finisterre: An outdoorsy classic brand with an innovative approach to transparency. Awesome knitwear. W/M. $$
  • LA Relaxed: An alternative to American Apparel if you’re not down with whitewashing and sexualization. $
  • Style Saint: An ethical brand that packs a strong sex appeal punch. $-$$
  • By Signe: Handmade sustainable Danish staples. ‘Oekotex’ is the lowest sustainability standard, with most fabrics GOTS certified organic. $$
  • Loomstate: Honest, fair trade basics. If they supply Chiptle’s tees, they’re onto something. $-$$
  • No Nasties: Organic, fair trade basics and breezy dresses from a progressive Indian label. W/M. $$
  • Beaumont Organic: British sensibilities, ethical pulse, year-round staples. $$
  • Organic by John Patrick: A sustainable brand of classics about beauty and ethics. $$
  • For Days: A t-shirt subscription service. Wear recklessly, refresh responsibly. Genius! W/M. $$
  • PACT Apparel: Fundamental, super soft organic cotton basics. $-$$
Handbag by Purse & Clutch

Shoes + Handbags

  • Labante: Vegan brand that uses circular materials like vegetable leather and recycled PET. Ethics: Eco, Transparent, Female-Owned, Giving Model. $$
  • Toko-Toko: Selection of forward-thinking Indonesian designs. Epic staw bags! Ethics: Eco, Fair Trade, Artisan, Female-Owned, Giving Model. $$
  • Purse & Clutch: Staple leather handbags & small collection of home goods sourced directly from Guatemalan and Ethiopian artisans. Ethics: Artisan, Traceable Female-Owned. $$
  • Nisolo: Quality leather shoes and handbags with craft roots and accessible pricing. Ethics: Artisan, Traceable. $$
  • Gunas: Structural vegan handbags with edge. Ethics: Vegan, Female-Owned. $$
  • Fortress of Inca: Peruvian-made boots and flats for the free spirit. Ethics: Artisan, Traceable. $$$
  • Unravel Co.: Covetable Woven designs that preserve heritage craf. Ethics: Artisan, Eco, Traceable, Female-Owned. $$-$$$
  • Korissa: Mindfully made woven bags and home goods by two interior designers. Ethics: Artisan, Eco, Female-Owned. $$
  • Sapahn: Trend-driven leather totes + accessories. Ethics: Artisan, Traceable. $$-$$$
  • Trippen: Edgy Berlin-based shoe brand for hyper-modern taste. Ethics: Eco, Traceable. $$
  • Hipsters for Sisters: Convertable belt bags with a cult following. Ethics: Made in USA, Eco, Female-Owned. $$
  • Borgeois Boheme: Luxury vegan footwear from a progressive ex-podiatrist. Check out the Pinatex (pineapple leather)! $$-$$$
  • OFKT: Classic footwear made by hand from leather offcuts in a small Yorkshire factory. $$$
  • Matt & Nat: Vegan handbags with broad appeal and a vast selection. $$
  • Bhava: Comfort first approach to thoughtful design. LA style vibe. $$
  • Sydney Brown: Sculptural luxury shoes with a nod to Japanese aesthetics. $$$.
  • Cri De Coeur: High street shoe design with a vegan heartbeat. Use of recycled plastics and eco-PU that’s low-VOC. $$-$$$
  • Freedom of Animals: Bags with an edge for the vegan at heart. $$
  • COCLICO: Classically beautiful sandals in sustainable leather, cork, and wood. $$
  • MAMAHUHU: Artisan quality shoes, bags, & more, without the ethnic look. $$
  • Melissa: Pioneering plastic shoes with an artists edge. $$
  • Deux Mains: Footwear brand known for sandals, slides and a goal to rebuild business in Haiti. $
  • VEGGANI: Vegan handbags with funky fur accents (PU >PVC, a better option for the environment). $$
  • Rok Cork: Modern accessories that will make the tree hugger in you rejoice (Cork > hide). $$
  • Ministry of Tomorrow: Minimalist, all black everything bags. The place to go for upscale briefcases and backpacks. $$$
  • Stone & Cloth: All-in-one travel bags with an educational mission. $$
  • Beyond Skin: Go here for sexy, vegan heels that give Steve Madden a run for its money. $$
  • CAUSEGEAR: Bags for active urbanites, designed for justice. They pioneered 5X JOBS with 90% of profits benefiting crafters. W/M. $$
  • Sseko: Modern shoes and handbags that support Ugandan women. Ethics: Artisan, Traceable. $
  • LUXTRA: A collection of time-tested leather styles in pragmatic colors. Ethics: Eco. $$$
Flats by Fortress of Inca


  • Veja: Eco-friendly shoes with a throwback vibe. Ethics: Eco, Vegan Options. $$
  • CARIUMA: very similar to classic Vejas, but slightly more street/skater vibes. Ethics: Eco, Vegan Options. $$
  • Allbirds: Minimalist wool runners with a street-chic look. $$
  • Laboratorio 58: Chemical-free leather kicks with a New Balance classic vibe. Made in Italy.
  • BENDY: Cut-to-order sneaker flat from quirky retailer, Ashbury Skies. $$
  • Nothing New: Converse, meet your carbon neutral match! A basic kick for every foot. Ethics: Eco. W/M $$
  • Po-Zu: Sustainable vegan kicks from new age materials like Pineapple fiber and cork (no icky PU or PVC!). Ethics: Eco, Traceable, Fair Trade. $$

Accessories + Jewelry

  • Warby Parker: Pioneer of the hipster, home-try-on glasses model. Prescription and sunnies. Ethics: Charity. $$
  • SOKO: Affordable artisan jewelry. Ethics: Artisan, Human Rights. $ [Use code SOKOLOVESKASI for 25% off]
  • Wylida of Norden: Luxury silk twill and chiffon scarves in elegant, yet dramatic prints. Ethics: Female Owned, Traceable. $$
  • K/LLER: Minimal cuts with sharp edges and a wild side. Ethics: Eco, Made in USA. $$
  • Wils Fabrik: Wood watches from FSC verified forests, Swiss movement. Plus, some super cool sunglasses. W/M. Ethics: Eco, Traceable. $$

Fine Jewelry

  • Natalie Frigo: Bold jewelry that marries ethical gemstones with recycled metals. Offers wedding rings. Ethics: Conflict-Free, Eco, Female-Owned. $$-$$$
  • Rebecca Mir Grady: Contemporary designs by a metalsmith dedicated to reclaimed materials and ethically sourced stones. Ethics: Eco, Female-Owned, Conflict-Free. $$$
  • Monique Pean: A fine jewelry line that fuses sculpture and artful structure with sustainability. Ethics: Eco, Female-Owned. Some Conflict-Free. $$$$
  • WWAKE: Fine jewelry that challenges traditional conventions with finesse. Ethics: Female-Owned, Made in USA, Conflict-Free. $$
  • Futura: The world’s first gold brand Fairmind Certified as Ecological. A curation of history’s most iconic jewelry designs. Ethics: Eco, Conflict-Free, Non-Toxic. $$$
Printed scarf by Wyilda Norden.


  • Alboni Fit: Couture activewear and leisure apparel in sets or separates. $$
  • Prana: Outdoor/yoga. My favorite alternative to Lululemon. $-$$
  • Girlfriend Collective: Body-posi lounge and yoga wear in new neutrals. Ethics: Female-Owned, Eco, Traceable. $-$$
  • Threads for Thought: Yoga staples that give Lululemon a run for its money.$-$$
  • Alternative Apparel: Workout and hang out basics. $-$$
  • Yoga Democracy: Quality pants in standout prints hip pants. $$
  • Tasc: Modern performance wear that uses Oeko Tex 100 certified bamboo. $$-$$$
  • LVR: Fundamentals for any yogi wardrobe. $$
  • Patagonia: Classic outdoor and hiking attire. $$-$$$
  • Nau: A modern counter to Patagonia’s rugged edge. $$-$$$
  • Ecoalf: Future-focused jackets, knitwear and accessories spun from recycled trash into luxury. $$$
  • Sundari: Curated collections made for movement and spun from breathable, organic cotton, Tencel, silk, and bamboo. If you dance, this Bali-based indie line is for you. $$
  • Teeki: Trendy yoga in bold cuts and patterns fit for wanderlusting out west. $$
  • Haumeya Clothing: Plant-based leggings with the performance of synthetics. $$
  • WiseFool: Ocean conscious gear for gals and guys on the surfer scene. Also, reusable utensils and straw kits. Ethics: Eco. W/M $$
  • Vivida: accessories for watersports, yoga, and life. Ethics: Eco. W/M $$


  • Azura Bay: Sporty swimwear. Mostly fair trade and handmade. $$
  • BIKYNI: Good for basic, sporty styles. $$
  • Cocodune: Hyper sexy spin on classic styles.$$
  • Vitamin A: Artfully executed collabs with a cult following. $$$
  • APRICOSS: Sport cut, classic one-pieces. $$
  • Giejo: Feminine, mix and match classics cut from sustainable or reclaimed textiles. $$$
  • Also checkout Patagonia’s fair trade line!

*Some lingerie brands in the next section also offer swimwear, most of these picks will make you feel sexy enough to think to yourself you could confidently star in a adult film! Not literally…

Red swimsuit by Apricoss.

Lingerie + Sleepwear

  • Azura Bay: Boudoir style separates, plus swimwear. Mostly fair trade and handmade. $$
  • Maikoda: Plan-based love-to-live-in basics. Ethics: Eco, Vegan, Bodi Posi, Female Owned. $$
  • Mara Hoffman: High-end line known for daring prints. Ethics: Eco. $$$
  • Uye Surana: Indie lingerie with an ethereal style. They use mostly deadstock/reclaimed materials and manufacture in NY. $$
  • Base Range: Edgy styles that strike a balance between minimal, artful and natural. $$
  • Only Hearts: Basics from a maintain brand. Made in NY with local, deadstock + certified made in green textiles.
  • Naja: Eco-conscious lingerie with a cheeky sense of humor, plus swimwear. Fair wages, fair trade, sustainable materials, digital printing.
  • BASAL: No fuss organic cotton undies in current shapes you crave. Ethics: Eco, Made in USA, Inclusive Modeling. $


  • Mud Jeans: Circular design brand that offers ‘Lease A Jeans’ program for men and women. Ethics: Eco. $$ W/M
  • Nudie Jeans: Hip brand focusing on ‘dry denim,’ organic cotton, transparency and free repairs. Ethics: Traceable, Eco. $$ W/M
  • G-star RAW: Originators of hip, unwashed denim, pioneers of integrating sustainable technologies. Ethics: Traceable, Eco. $$$ W/M
  • Levi’s: This US powerhouse pioneered the Water Ethics: Eco. Traceable. W/M. $-$$.

Curated Marketplaces

  • Fox Holt: A lux mix of ethical fashion and home mainstays alongside emerging indie brands. $$-$$$
  • Mamoq: A taste of the best ethical brands from Europe. W/M. $-$$
  • Kaight: This is the need/supply of ethical fashion. $$
  • Bead & Reel: A thoughtfully curated boutique of eco-friendly, cruelty-free, sweatshop-free styles. $$-$$$
  • Wonderful Things: A lifestyle mecca of 15,000+ items that are sustainble, ethical or american-made. Standout: the athleticwear! $-$$$
  • Good Cloth: Ethical e-commerce heaven. $$
  • Thread Harvest: Aussie-based shop of ethical fashions and home goods. W/M. $$
  • Joon + Co.: A sophisticated selection of relaxed yet distinctive pieces. You can shop by ethic too. $$-$$
  • Grove & Bay: A site devoted to affordable, sustainable brands. Nothing over $120. W/M $-$$
  • The Garmentory: The best collection of indie and emerging designers. $$
  • MadeFair: An ethical shop that doesn’t smell like patchouli. $$-$$$
  • GALERIE.LA: Green as a bonus, not a focus. Go here if you’re into Dover Street Market. $$$
  • The Rising States: A funky shop that showcases the best ‘born and bred in the USA’ brands. $$-$$
  • Founders & Followers: Fashion design and art in edgy harmony. $$-$$$
  • Modavanti: Cool girl brands with conscious badges of approval. $$-$$$
  • Ethica: A smart curation of emerging ethical designers. $-$$$
  • To The Market: A refined collection of artisan-made fashion + home goods by survivors of conflict and peril. $-$$
  • Of A Kind: Platform for independent designers. Super original home goods and gifts too. $$
  • Yooxygen: The green side of powerhouse trend engine, Yoox. $-$$
  • Gather & See: A highly searchable collection of ethical brands with a neutral vibe. $$-$$$
  • New Classics: Basic colors in sharp cuts. $$
  • Belinka: An edit with something for the western gal to the minimalist. $-$$
  • Aha Life: Marketplace for undiscovered designers. $$-$$$
  • Elborne: Uber hip collection fit for nights out or creative-type jobs $$
  • Ethical Collection London: Boutique of eclectic brands. $$
  • Green Orchyd: Straightforward curation of today’s most eco & ethical mid-range lines. W/M $$
  • Lamb’s Loaf: A mini couture curation of sustainable brands. $$$-$$$$
Fox Holt marketplace

Luxury / Ready-To-Wear

  • Stella McCartney: Sleek silhouettes from the original pioneer of leather-free luxury.
  • Maiyet: A collection that spans from sexy to supple, with attention to handcrafted details.
  • Whit: Gallery girl getups.
  • Voz: Luxury artisan designs for the pattern un-shy.
  • Zero + Maria Cornejo: Uptown simplicity in sophisticated cuts and prints.
  • Rachel Comey: Artful textiles, modern silhouettes, shoes like sculptures.
  • Behno: Avante-garde light with a penchant for artisan-made.
  • Brunello Cucinelli: If you like Italian luxury, you’ll never need Ferragamo again.
  • Daniel Silverstein: Zero waste. Edgy. Graphic. Made to order.
  • Reve En Vert: Marketplace for sustainable luxury.
  • TOME: Full silhouettes that capture the right mix of femininity and command.
  • Ryan Roche: The Row of ethical fashion. Street, chic, sleek.
  • Viktor&Rolf: Dutch haute couture brand renowned for refashioning designs from its own archives.
  • Brother Vellies: Artisan shoes and handbags with subtleties of the avant-garde. $$$

Beyond Buckskin – A list of Native American-owned brands to shop without appropriating.

Supporting Subscription Boxes

  • Ethical Box: A intro to products that help the world. $$
  • Globe In: Ethically sourced products that tell a story from around the world. $$

Body + Beauty