Sunday Guide: Ethical Fashion Blogs

The market for fashion bloggers is notoriously oversaturated. Perhaps the fashion set was over-bombarded by selfies of devotees in $10,000 dresses? For me, this is good news. Fashion of substance is making a resurgence. Ethical fashion has been around since we started going green, but it never caught on en masse. The most exciting shift I’ve seen lately has been more serious content devoted to ethical style. You’ll see me cover purpose-driven fashion more as The Peahen grows.

Fashion bloggers are gifted with finding the newest trends as well as predicting what will be the next best thing in the fashion industry. They read articles from other blogs like Funk Trunk Chicago on how to photograph their looks with the best shooting tips, making the statements more eye-catching and polished within the blog post. Fashionistas are a sort of artist and ethical fashion means that people can now be mindful about the fabulous looks they are strutting around in. On top of that, professional fashion bloggers also have so much shoppable content, which would be what we can call viable options for fashion enthusiasts.

Tonight, I wanted to share three ethical fashion blogs where I go for inspiration and new insights. Bookmark them. This is the future of meaningful fashion.



Yarina, or The Yarina in her social circles, knows the ins-and-outs of what makes a true ethical fashion label, and business model. Her style is researched and methodical, but don’t discredit her creative caliber. She puts together one hell of a fashion label list and curates a beautiful Instagram.



We’re not all cut out to nix our cheese plates or latte habits. Vegan fashion – on the other hand – sounds like a superb alternative to a super[human] bowl of spirinella, chia seeds, and root-based plants (anyone else convinced all these foods don’t count as calories??) This blog covers it all, long reads and punchy articles about emerging brands.



Olivia Shapiro is astutely aloof. She’s an eco blogger who acknowledges the need for style and expression. She tempers fashion’s impact by creating sustainable looks and making common-sense lifestyle guides.

This blog wins in the visual styling area. I’d never know she thrifted the majority of her finds – they look tailor-made.


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