Style Review: MATTER’s Classic Jumpsuit Honors Prints + Provenance


MATTER Prints seems to embody everything I champion here on The Peahen: slow production, quality craftsmanship and, arguably the most important thing, provenance. In practice, these core philosophies mean MATTER values the communities it works within, and not just at the surface… Continue Reading

Green Your Clean Part 1: Is Sustainable Dry Cleaning Bogus?


There are so many things that make Austin a green city. Accessible vegan food, check. Killer secondhand shopping, check. Composing culture, check. Freegan makers and artists, check. Sustainable dry cleaners, check? Since moving here, I’ve fully embraced the lifestyle. I’m eating… Continue Reading

Sustainable swimwear that looks good: Interview with APRICOSS [win this suit!]

apricoss swim

This week I have good news, I did my first ‘official’ product review photo shoot; better news, it features a knockout sustainable swimwear brand; and the best news, you could win a suit! The Mission: Conquer my camera fears As… Continue Reading

Austin, I’m Here!


I just made a cross country move from Florida to Austin, Texas! I uprooted my life to give The Peahen a better place to grow in a city that’s become a hotbed for creativity and innovation. How do I explain the Austin vibe to… Continue Reading