Affordable & Ethical Lingerie, Handpicked by Kasi 

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to lingerie. Fit, chemicals, ethics, and design. This list of affordable brands ticks all the boxes.

Lingerie is supposed to make us feel sexy. But let me ask you this—have you ever had a cinematic moment where you rip off your clothes, and bust out a full getup (garter, bustier, whatever tickles your fancy)?! 

If you said yes, pass go and collect $200. 

If you’re like me, you wear the comfy stuff on the daily and reserve a tiny section of your drawer for occasion undies. Or, just forgo the sexy stuff altogether. But it shouldn’t be this way! We deserve a pick me up underneath our daily armor, for ourselves, and for someone else…if they happen upon them.

There’s a lot to think about when it comes to our most intimate clothes. The fit has to be right, we don’t want allergens or chemicals in contact with our skin and reproductive organs, we won’t compromise on aesthetics, oh—and we need to be able to afford the stuff. 

The Ethical Lingerie Hit List

If you’re looking for body-loving, sexy-AF ethical lingerie, I’ve rounded up a list of brands that tick all these boxes. The brands featured here are either small or medium-sized businesses. I chose them because I believe small is beautiful and doing business this way, especially in the apparel space where margins are low, is inherently harder. Let’s support their missions and commitments to not selling out.

I chose just six brands because I get overwhelmed looking at large roundups and appreciate a curated experience. I hope you will too, especially knowing that these brands were handpicked because I either 1) wear their designs or, 2) because I’ve researched and can endorse their ethical credentials. 



Your snacks aren’t the only things that need “free from” labels. Juliemay, is all about what doesn’t go into its lingerie. Free from harmful chemicals, pesky tags, and synthetic materials, designs by this small, U.K.-based brand are allergy friendly and designed for all women. With a range of styles in organic Pima cotton and pure silk and signature bendable wire technology, Juliemay offers a little piece of luxury at a reasonable price. 

I fell for this brand thanks to its approachable but sexy styles for everybody and stand by it after wearing the Serenity set under my clothes day and night. It’s also one of the only brands I’ve seen that designs styles for people with menopause, eczema, psoriasis, and other skin sensitivities. 

Use code SOCIAL15 to get 15% off your order. The set featured on me is the Serenity bralette and panty.

Ure Surana

Think Fenty meets TikTok. This indie ethical lingerie brand serves up stockings that slay and prints that come to play. You can stock up on **affordable** adventure pieces and add a few practical Pima cotton basics to your bag while you’re at it. They reduce waste through sustainable printing, packaging, and small-batch production and partner with a small, family-owned factory in Colombia to ensure safe working conditions and fair wages.


More clothes should be made from wool. Especially the stuff we wear close to our bodies. And no I’m not talking about the scratchy stuff in your vintage Irish fisherman’s sweater. Wool is super breathable (unlike synthetics), keeps you dry, and fights icky smells, natural. And BRANWYN is one of the few brands harnessing this miracle fabric in its “performance innerwear,” available in a range of basic coverage styles. My pick is the Busty Bra. It has just enough stretch to keep the girls in check without that gross uniboob look. And it clocks in at a reasonable 52 bucks. 

Chosen Woven


Fuse novel knit technology, again, with old-world wool, and you get a technical fiber that’s soft, sweat-wicking, and functional with less reliance on plastics. 90% of Chosen Woven’s collection is made without spandex and the brand’s signature pico-style fabric in bold colors and prints feels fresh in the eco-lingerie world. While this brand comes in at the highest price point of the bunch, wool is one the most durable fibers on the market. 


Clean, cool, and certified organic, Knickey offers the best basics on the list. Most of the five star reviews, mine included, the praise their flat seams, no nasties fabrics, and range of fun colors. Say buh bye to digging through the VS Pink bins (or praise you if you already have). PS – if you want to nerd out on fabric, you can trace their cotton supply chain from India to their NY HQs (FYI this is v. Important because organic cotton from India is ripe with fraud). 


Okay, you caught me. It’s not technically lingerie, but the world needs more period panty options after that THINX fiasco! Period underwear is inherently more sustainable than conventional options like pads and tampons and this brand is one of the few on the market that uses BCI-certified cotton. Plus, they offer more than ten different styles. 

Have another favorite ethical lingerie brand? Throw it in the comments. See my shopping page for more.

This post contains affiliate links. When you shop, it helps me make content like this and supports more ethical production. As always, only buy it if you need it.


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