Sans Safari: Dressing Ethically for Reality

I’m an avid Zara fan, it’s no secret to the people who see me dressed daily. Zarafication has run rampant in more than just my instagram feed.

Lately the wardrobe highs from my purchases have been fleeting. After one wear of a new closet addition I’m bored. Even when I stick to a steady diet of classic styles, I find the excitement wears from my wares too quickly.

My solution to creating a wardrobe with real staying power is purchasing ethical goods. Imagine the feeling of retail therapy intensified by knowing you empowered another individual or activated a good in society because you purchased with purpose. Re-wearing your signature pieces is a cause for celebration when you master ethical dressing.

The same goes for your jewellery too. I have recently been reading about diamonds made in a laboratory and about how they are much more ethical and also environmentally friendly and I was impressed. So, I encourage you to check out Green Diamonds. If you are a big fan of jewellery like me, then you will be sure to absolutely love their pieces. Investing in statement pieces like classic necklaces, bracelets, and rings can make sure your own sense of style always shines through. Timeless pieces do not have to be expensive either though; check out these jacobs the jeweller deals for example.

My issue in the past with attempting to shop “ethically” has been disastrous. You’re probably familiar with the look – it screams I trekked through the jungle and pieced this mixed pattern frock together in an attempt to show my disdain for having to rejoin real society. In the past, I’ve ended up with a closet chock-full of costumes for Coachella. That didn’t exactly empower me to step into an office or dinner outing.

Ethical dressing needs a reality check.

This edit is polished ethical – a look that delivers wearability sans the safari vibe. It goes light on the stereotypical tribal notes of batik and ikat. Bottom line, you won’t tell a bit of difference between these ethical picks and your run-of-the-mill every day or designer picks, except in quality and the positive vibes of good citizenry.

Sans Safari

If your laptop has relegated your local brick and mortar shops for special occasion outings as they have in my life, you’ll benefit from this low/high styling guide. Use it as a springboard to all the hidden retail gems and nix that fleeting fast-fashion habit that packs landfills and fuels a negative industrial cycle.

This edit not exactly your style? It features picks from some of the best online retailers for ethical goods, takes a gander at their other offerings in the links below. Or, challenge yourself to build an outfit that aligns to an issue you care about.

These sites run the gamut of artisanal, local, ethical, sustainable, fair trade and all things that give society a boost.

The Low

  1. Kimono
  2. Printed Clutch
  3. Bangle
  4. Cross body bag
  5. Skirt
  6. Sandals
  7. Ring

The High

  1. Caplet – ITC Partner*
  2. Dress
  3. Necklace
  4. Bracelet
  5. Bag – ITC Partner*
  6. Sunglasses – ITC Partner*
  7. Shoes

* International Trade Centre


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