Gold: The Transitional Metal


First and foremost, WELCOME TO THE PEAHEN! I hope you’ve read my mantra. If you enjoyed it, I’ve got a few more mantra-esque ideas up my sleeve when it comes to dressing. I’ll use this first post to dish out my mantra about wardrobe updating for the seasons.

When it comes to making a seasonal transition, identify a single trend that resonates with you and make it a focal point of your update.

Integrate a few key pieces that play off elements in the closet you’ve built to stay current without the fuss and hoards of fast fashion waste. I’m partial to gold accessories to help transition my wardrobe into fall. They add richness to summer’s pastels, graphic prints and jumpsuits that will make your update effortless. They say that gold is the skin of the gods – make it yours.

Here’s the decoded rules for doing gold this second: Go for extremes. If you’re a fan of small adornments think as minimal as possible, lines of geometric gold (6), dainty chains, watches that belong in your bracelet collection (5) and specks of crystal (4) are hitting lux retailers at the moment. If your collarbone is prepared to handle fall’s biggest gemstones, embrace the purist method of one standout jewel as your focal point with minimal detailing. Pamela Love nailed in a striking catch of lapis and sapphire (1). Step away from the bib necklace and embrace fall’s pure trend by finding the stone or gem that suits you.

Oh yes, and that eyeball trend that lulu frost set in motion last season is still in the mix for fall’s earrings. Score the latest from Tory’s ex at C.Wonder (8).

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  4. Catbird
  5. Nixon
  6. Anndra Neen
  7. Kelly Wearstler
  8. C.Wonder

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