Video: This Box Takes The Sweat Out Of Ethical Holiday Gifting

You CAN gift ethically without cramping your Christmas (or holiday) style. Find out what's inside this perfectly curated fashion gift box that's fit for everyone on your list.

This post was kindly sponsored in partnership with Bead & Reel.

[/vc_column_text][vc_separator][vc_column_text]It’s no easy feat shopping for someone with ethical – ahem, discerning – taste. It can quickly go from “I’ll just google eco-friendly scarves” or “vegan soy candles” to a downward spiral of, “Well, which ethical cause to I shop for?” “Do they care more about empowering garment workers? Or would they rather have mass-produced faux fur as long as a furry friend isn’t harmed? To make life easy, you could go with something like Gift Smack gift boxes where somebody has already compiled all of the products for you and you can take the credit! Maybe, if you’re really lucky, they’re trying not to buy anything new. In which case, you’ll need to roll up your sleeves and go vintage sleuthing.

If you don’t know what this requires, please eat a solid breakfast and prepare to sift through troves of unkempt bins for a rare chance at something in their size. That is, if you can find the size tag at all. But chances are before you do any of this, you’ll consult the web thinking you can find something online. Then – BAM – you discover the environmental cost of two-day shipping. Oy.

At this point, your ethical gifting ambitions have you as frustrated as someone typing “I” on an iPhone.

Thankfully, my LA-based vegan gal pal behind the online boutique Bead & Reel is solving this holiday woe with one brilliant gift box. It’s packed with six goodies fit for anyone on your list. Buy it for you or a lucky friend. Heck, you could even unpack it and give out each item to your crew as separate gifts.

Whatever you choose, watch me unpack it and discover just why it’s so grand.

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What Makes Bead & Real So Rad?

First and foremost, it’s a curated marketplace of design-minded fashion and accessories. But Bead & Reel really stand out because it allows shoppers to search “by ethic” with a selection of 15 categories like artisan made, fair trade, zero-waste, vegan. or made in the USA.

Personally, I shop here a lot. Not only because the clothes speak to my personal style but because the site is expertly categorized and detail-oriented. I also love the depth of the product descriptions. They start with the brand’s story and, if you choose, you can go deeper. For instance, if you’re checking out this dress you might wonder why a synthetic like polyester was used instead of a natural fabric? Well voila, click the next tab and Bead & Reel has answered that for you. No consulting Google.

In addition to beautiful clothes, Bead & Reel publishes thoughtful content on its blog (most often penned by the founder herself, Sica Schmitz) and is also a pioneering force in the sustainable fashion scene in LA, as is evident by Sica’s work orchestrating the Fair Trade Fashion Show.

Style, brains, and business. No wonder Bead & Reel curated the best ethical box of the season!


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