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#EthicalHacks with Orange Harp

Now that I’m writing solely about ethical fashion, people have been asking me for tips to help them transition into conscious, happy lives that reinforce positive social change. The fundamental rule of ethical living is learning to be happy with less. However, we’ve all got to buy stuff to sustain our productivity, well-being and fuel our creativity. I …

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The Leather Label: What’s Ethical and What’s BS?

Choosing leather ethically can be tricky. I’ve deciphered some of the popular options and brands to help you cut through the marketing and get to the truth. I learned these lessons first-hand when my mom asked for my birthday wish-list, and kindly obliged to my request for an ethical, faux leather handbag. After some research, …

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One Step To A More Ethical Wardrobe: Take The Second Hand Challenge

This September the Ethical Writers & Creatives are challenging you to buy secondhand instead of new. All month, we will be discussing the value of thrift, how-tos, where to donate your own goods, and more! The goals include: Promote second hand first. Simplify wardrobes and find the proper outlet for discards. Value the work of …

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Hunting for Ethical Fashion: The Best Apps to Discover Brands

Ethical designers catch a lot of flak for not being fashion-forward enough. When I bring up ethical fashion to a friend or outsider I usually get a skeptical eyebrow raise. Before I make a style recommendation, I’m forced to brandish it with an ethical disclaimer. “Oh, you’re on the hunt for a new brand of …